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Popular girl names in 2009

#Name Meaning
1 Jaidy
2 Jadeycostly
3 JaydeePhonetic name based on initials.
4 JadyThe gemstone jade; the color green.
5 SalmaBeautiful Woman
6 Rebekkawife of Isaac and mother of Jacob
7 Rebeccawife of Isaac and mother of Jacob
8 NikaBringing Victory
9 LiselotCombination name of Elizabeth (I swear to God) and Charlotte (guy / man / free man)
10 LiselotteCombination name of Elizabeth (I swear to God) and Charlotte (guy / man / free man)
11 FatimaDaughter Of The Prophet
12 AzraPure
13 Nataliebirthday
14 Nathaliebirthday
15 Mariekeshapely clean
16 KimberleyForest meadow Cyneburg
17 KimberlyForest meadow Cyneburg
18 AleksandraProtector of mankind
19 AlexandraFeminine of Alexander. Defender of mankind.
20 JessyYahweh is
21 JessieYahweh is
22 IsraaOvernight trip
23 Israe
24 IsraOvernight trip
25 Helenatorch, the radiant
26 DonnaLady
27 Jaylinn
28 JaylinJay
29 Ingealternative name for the Nordic god Freyr
30 RomeeRome
31 EzraHelp
32 EsraVariant of Ezra: Help, helper.
33 SharissaPlain
34 CharissaGrace.
35 ZainabFragrant or beautiful plant
36 ZeynepArabic name, derived from the plant named Zaynab.
37 YusraSuccess
38 Youssra
39 Yousra
40 BabetBorn abroad, foreign
41 BabetteBorn abroad, foreign
42 JannekeGod is merciful
43 StacyProductive. Abbreviation of Eustace.
44 StaceyResurrection
45 LarissaCheerful
46 Hendrikaruler, king
47 Dideprotector of the people
48 Diedeprotector of the people
49 LoesGlorious warrior, a warrior loot or wise in all respects
50 Lealion
51 LeahStrong and brave as a lion
52 DunyaFitness, World, Earth, life on earth
53 DouniaThe world, the seen, esteemed, world, earth, life on earth
54 Denisefertility
55 Souraya
56 Sorayarich
57 SelinaVariant of Celine: French form of the Latin 'caelum' meaning sky or heaven. Also a variant of Celia or Selena.
58 SashaGuardian
59 SachaGuardian
60 SaschaGuardian
61 Manonshapely clean
62 LanaRock
63 AngelinaAn Italian diminutive of the Greek Angela meaning angel or messenger.
64 DominiqueOf the Lord. From the Latin Dominic. This French spelling is used primarily for girls.
65 StellaDiminutive of Estella: Derived from the Old French form of the Latin 'stella' meaning star. Famous bearer: The heroine of Charles Dickens' novel 'Great Expectations'.
66 JunaThe
67 YunaPower
68 NisaDevotee Of Dionysos
69 MetteMighty warrior
70 Catharinaclean or pure
71 Joëlle
72 Elif
73 MinkeShort form of names with the Germanic tribe "Megin (strength, power)
74 ImanReligious leader
75 ImaneFaith (in Allah)
76 SafaPurity
77 SafaeClarity, purity, serenity
78 LiviaLife. Ancient Roman name. Abbreviation of Olivia.
79 Ninte
80 Ninthe
81 NadineHope
82 Lyannethe juvenile or dedicated to Jupiter
83 Liannejuvenile or dedicated to Jupiter
84 Ceylin
85 JoleinGod is gracious
86 JolijnGod is gracious
87 HayleyHay field. From the hay meadow. Both a surname and place name. Famous Bearer: actress Hayley Mills.
88 HaileyField of hay. Usually a surname.
89 DinaRated
90 Maroua
91 MarwaFlint Stone
92 LucieVariant of Lucia: Graceful Light. Italian variant of Lucy.
93 LucyVariant of Lucia: Graceful light. Illumination.
94 Lenthe
95 Lentespring
96 Shanaya
97 ShaniaOf Native American origin, meaning on my way.
98 Ecrin
99 DestenyDestiny
100 DestinyCertain fortune; fate. The mythological Greek god of fate.
101 ElenaShining light, or bright one. A variant of the Greek Helen.
102 Brechjeclear
103 Brechtjeclear
104 Bregjebeautifully by noble behavior
105 LotusThe Flower
106 Adrianacoming from or resident of Adria
107 JetThe mighty of residence, high-born
108 JuulPeople of Julus
109 LizzieGod has sworn
110 LizzyGod has sworn
111 FamkeAppears in Friesland
112 Siënna
113 Louiseglorious war hero
114 KirstenThe anointed
115 JoyJoy. Rejoicing.
116 AmelieHard working. Industrious. Striving.
117 WiktoriaAbout Winning, conqueror
118 VictoriaVictor
119 Lillywater lily
120 LilyLily
121 DjennaHeaven, a gift from Allah
122 Jennafruitful
123 DesiDesire
124 DaisyDay's eye, from the old English. Also a flower name. Also a translation of the French Marguerite, and used as a pet form of Margaret. The use of Daisy in the chorus of the song A bicycle built for two made the name Daisy famous.
125 JannaYahweh is gracious
126 AnnabelleGracious, sweet and bitter, sad
127 AnnabelGracious, sweet and bitter, sad
128 FlorienFlower - a nature name
129 Florinebloom
130 Esthera star
131 AshleyLives in the ash tree grove. Derived from a surname and place name based on the Old English word for ash wood. Famous bearer: Ashley, the male character in Margaret Mitchell's popular 'Gone with the Wind'. Both a male and female name.
132 DanaMy judge is God
133 MerleBlackbird.
134 MeganOne who is strong and mighty.
135 ChelseaSeaport. Place name; a London district.
136 ChelseyPlace name; a London district.
137 KatoGood Judgment
138 Catoclean or pure
139 AmiraPrincess; one who speaks.
140 CorneliaThe horned
141 Cheyennecapital of Wyoming
142 ChayenneThis name goes back to the band Chayenne. The origin of the name is unknown, it is possible to link Cheyenne.
143 CarmenGarden. The Spanish form of the Hebrew Carmel. Famous bearer: Bizet's opera 'Carmen', first performed in 1875.
144 LeylaNight, Black
145 LeilaNight, Black
146 LailaNightfall.
147 LaylaNight, Black
148 SamDiminutive of Samson: Sun child; bright sun.
149 Jenniferfruitful
150 Aimee
151 NoortjeGod is my light
152 MajaMother
153 MayaMother
154 Jinthe
155 JinteSee Ine and Ene
156 YintheGod is gracious
157 Pleunbelonging to Apollo
158 Floortjebloom
159 Fienadded
160 Mareshapely, clean
161 TirzaPleasing
162 ThirzaPleasantness; acceptance; delightful.
163 MelissaBee
164 Izesun
165 Iseice
166 GwennOf the white brow.
167 Gwenwhite, white
168 EllaGod has sworn
169 Valérie
170 NovaChases butterfly (Hopi).
171 FabienneFeminine variant of Fabian from the Roman family name Fabius. Bean grower.
172 EvelineVariant of Evelyn: From a surname derived from the Old French 'aveline' meaning hazelnut.
173 EvelienThe life giving
174 Roumaissa
175 Romaysa
176 Romaisa
177 Romaissa
178 Lenalion, hard
179 JanneGod is gracious
180 LolaDiminutive of Dolores: Sorrow. From Maria de los Dolores (the Virgin Mary, or Mary of the Sorrows.
181 Marashapely clean
182 Josefienadded
183 Josephineadded
184 Maykeshapely clean
185 Maaikeshapely clean
186 LieveLoved by God
187 Yfkearcher
188 Suzanwater lily
189 Susannelily flower
190 Susanwater lily
191 SuzanneLily
192 ChloeVerdant And Blooming
193 JaedaGoodness.
194 Jadacostly
195 Jaydacostly
196 TaraWhere the kings met. Also Tara's Halls, where ancient Bards sang deeds of Irish heroes. The ruins of the Halls are on the hill of Tara, meaning crag or tower.
197 KaitlynPure
198 CaithlinClean and pure
199 CaithlynClean and pure
200 CaitlynPure
201 CaitlinClean and pure
202 MichelleHebrew for "Who is like God"
203 Mariamshapely clean
204 MeryemBitter
205 MaryamBitter, Mariem
206 SuusA Frenchman
207 Dewybeloved
208 Dewigoddess
209 AlissaVariant of Alice.
210 AlyssaNoble
211 SylkeGhost
212 SilkeWin / win
213 RosanRose / bush
214 RosanneRose / bush
215 Anniekpardon or comely
216 Aniekpardon or comely
217 Saarprincess
218 MaartjeThe little warrior
219 DaphneVictory.
220 Frederiekepowerful protector by peace
221 Fréderique
222 SuzeLily, Lily
223 QuintyThe fifth
224 MadeliefThe flower name, perhaps influenced by Daisy "daisy" and names with Made-(as Madelon) and sweet (like Godelieve).
225 LizeGod has sworn
226 LiseDedicated to god
227 JulietThe young man, dedicated to Jupiter
228 Juliëtte
229 KikiShort For Names Beginning With K
230 LisDedicated to god
231 LizGod has sworn
232 Lindeshield of linden wood
233 ElizaGod has sworn
234 ElisaGod has sworn
235 LyndseyA lake; a place of linden trees.
236 LinseyA lake; a place of linden trees.
237 LindsayFrom the island of the lime tree. Although in the past, Lindsay was a common boys' name, today it is used more often for girls.
238 LindseyVariant of Lindsay: From the island of the lime tree. Although in the past, Lindsay was a common boys' name, today it is used more often for girls.
239 IsisThrone
240 AyahSilk cloth
241 AyaSign
242 Ymkegreat, great
243 ImkeShort form of names with the Germanic tribe "Irmin" (large, great), whole, comprehensive
244 Renskethe award-winning
245 YenteBlabber
246 Yenthe
247 Jenthe
248 JenteGod is gracious
249 LysanneGod has sworn
250 Lisannecharming, gracious
251 RosaRose / bush
252 VeerleBattle Traveller
253 Guusjewho is praised
254 Fieneadded
255 KimYahweh focuses on
256 Oliviaolive tree
257 PienMay the Lord add
258 LivCover, Shield Or Life
259 CiaraDark
260 KiaraClear;
261 Chiarabright, shiny, glossy
262 KyaraClear;
263 KayleighVariant of Kay and Kayla. Keeper of the keys; pure.
264 KayleeVariant of Katherine. 'Pure. ' Variant of Kay and Kayla 'keeper of the keys; pure. '.
265 Juliethe youthful
266 YadeNoble Green stone
267 JadeThe name of a semi-precious stone.
268 IsabellaGod has sworn
269 Robynclear
270 Robinbeautifully by fame
271 PukVariant spelling of Dutch Puck or PUK.
272 PuckGnome, Scams
273 AlyciaNoble, kind
274 AlysiaNoble (nobility)
275 AlyshaOf noble birth
276 AlishaOf noble birth
277 AliciaOf noble birth
278 EmelieGentle, friendly, contestant
279 EmmelyGentle, friendly, contestant
280 EmelyRival;
281 Emmelievariant of Emma or Emily
282 EmilyEmily is a female name coming from the Roman name Aemilia. This Latin name "Aemilia" comes from the latin word "aemulus" which means "rival".
283 Carlijnmeans the same as guy
284 Karlijnmeans the same as guy
285 JillDiminutive of Jillian : Child of the gods. A modern variant of Gillian, which is a feminine form of Julian, meaning Jove's child.
286 Miloufriendly
287 ElizabethGod has sworn
288 ElisabethGod has sworn
289 DaniekGod is my judge
290 DaniqueGod is my judge
291 MerelBlackbird
292 Kayra
293 Keiraruler
294 Kiraruler
295 KyraLady
296 Fennesecurity, courageous protector
297 JohannaYahweh is gracious
298 SofiaWisdom
299 SophiaName (s) of
300 RosalieRose.
301 ElinVariant of Helen. Means light or most beautiful woman.
302 Mijkeshapely clean
303 Meikeshapely clean
304 LinaDerived from ending of Carolina.
305 LaraProtection. Popular surname and place name.
306 CharlotteDiminutive of Charlotte: A feminine form of Charles, meaning man or manly. Alternate meaning, tiny and feminine.
307 LoisVariant of Heloise: Derived from the Old German name Helewidis, meaning hale and wide. Also a French form of Louise.
308 Jasminjasmine blossom
309 Yasminjasmine blossom
310 Jasminejasmine blossom
311 Yasminejasmine blossom
312 VeraFaith
313 BeauBeautiful
314 BoDiminutive of Beauregard: Respected; regarded highly (literal translation is Beautiful/handsome gaze). Also a variant of Beau: Handsome.
315 SennaThe Senna Plant
316 FennaCourageous protector
317 SterreStars
318 IlseGod has sworn
319 RomyRosemary Or Person From Rome
320 HannaGrace of God
321 HannahGrace of God
322 LauraThe laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. Old name with many variants.
323 IndyIndependent Or Indian
324 FelienFruitful, happy, auspicious, blessed, energetic, happy
325 Féline
326 NoorLight
327 DaimySon of Demeter (goddess of earth and agriculture)
328 DemySon of the goddess Demeter (goddess of agriculture, mother earth)
329 DemiAbbreviation of Demetria - the mythological goddess of corn and harvest.
330 MylaMerciful. Feminine of Myles.
331 MilaPeople's Favor
332 YarahHot
333 JaraRockrose
334 YaraSpring
335 ElineTorch, the shining, brilliant
336 NorahGod is my light
337 NoraGod is my light
338 Mariashapely clean
339 FloorFlourishing
340 Tessawoman working at harvest
341 Lunagoddess of the moon
342 MarithPearl
343 MaritPearl
344 Feehappy
345 FayeFaith, trust
346 FayFaith, trust
347 Ninathe ever pure, pure
348 IrisColorful, Rainbow
349 Naomipleasantness, sweetness
350 IsabelleDedicated to god
351 IsabelGod has sworn
352 NynkeClean / pure, Merciful / or other lovely names that end with ina
353 NienkeClean / pure, Merciful / or other lovely names that end with ina
354 BentheThe blessed
355 BenteDanish feminine form of BENEDICT.
356 ElyseNoble.
357 ElizeGod has sworn
358 EliseGod has sworn
359 BrittBrit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England).
360 AnoekMerciful, sweet
361 AnoukFavor, Grace
362 AmberA jewel name that became popular in the 19th century, from the name of the yellowish resin used in jewellery-making. Used regularly since the publication of 2Oth century writer Kathleen Winsor's novel 'Forever Amber. '.
363 EmiBlessing, Favour, Beautiful
364 Emygreat, great
365 AimyThe beloved
366 AmyDearly loved; Beloved. From the Old French Amee, which derives from the Latin amatus meaning loved. In common use after publication of American Louisa May Alcott's 'Little Women'.
367 ZoeyLife
368 Zoë
369 Maudmighty in battle
370 NikiVictory
371 NikkieVictory
372 NickyVictory
373 NikkiConqueror of the people
374 MirteEver Green
375 MyrtheName of an evergreen shrub. Myrtle was in antiquity and symbol of love, happiness and fertility
376 MirtheName of an evergreen shrub. Myrtle was in antiquity and symbol of love, happiness and fertility
377 FemkeGirl
378 JasmijnJasmine
379 RoseRose (flower name).
380 RoosRose
381 Annecharming, gracious
382 Fleurbloom
383 Izaice
384 IsaGod has sworn, or ice / iron
385 TessAbbreviation of Teresa, meaning harvester.
386 LinFrom the linden tree dell.
387 LinnRuddy-complected
388 Lynnshield of linden wood or hose
389 Esmé
390 Esmeé
391 EsmayLover
392 NoahRust / comfort
393 NoaMovement
394 AnnaGracious, sweet and bitter, sad
395 EvaLife. Living one. Variant of Eve. In the bible Eve was Adam's wife and the first woman.
396 SanneLily
397 LotteMasculine.
398 EvieDiminutive of Eve: Life, living, lively. Famous bearer: the Old Testament mother of the human race who tasted the forbidden fruit, precipitating the Fall of Man.
399 EvyThe life giving
400 EviThe life giving
401 LizaGod has sworn
402 LisaGod has sworn
403 LiekeThe unconcerned
404 Emmagreat great
405 GiuliaPeople of Julus
406 JuliaPeople of Julus
407 Zarahencouragement
408 ZahraOf Swahili origin, meaning "flower."
409 ZaraVariant of Sarah: Princess.
410 SarahPrincess. In the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Her name was originally Sarai (quarrelsome), but God commanded that her name be changed to Sarah before the birth of her son.
411 Saraprincess
412 SofieWisdom
413 SophieName (s) of

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