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Laura (Given name)

Laura is a name for girls. The name is a form of Laurentius and originates from Latin-America. On our website 37 people with the name Laura rated their name with 4.5 stars(out of 5). So they seem very satisfied! Abroad this is a perfectly fine name. Laura is in the top 100 of most popular names on facebook on position 43. A nickname for Laura is "Lau".
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Meaning of Laura

The meaning of Laura is: "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. Old name with many variants.".


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Suitable names

Suitable names for a brother of Laura are: Benjamin, Max, Felipe, Eduardo, Patrick. Suitable names for a sister of Laura are: Hannah, Christlie, Gemma, Karisa, Mariana. View more suitable names.


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Baby girl names with 5 letters250 namesGirl names beginning with L250 namesGirl names ending in A250 namesBaby girl names with two syllables100 namesEasy to remember girl names100 namesPopular Latvian girl names250 names

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Laura 25 years old   18-11-2012
het is een leuke naam
Laura 25 years old   22-12-2012
I love my name because it has a cool meaning and it sounds pretty. The only downfall is tha you cant shorten it. For ex - Danielle, dani
Laura 34 years old   02-01-2013
I find the meaning of my name quite disappointing. I thought it meant something more meaningful/significant. I don't quite understand the meaning to be honest.
Laura 31 years old   14-11-2013
I love my name! :D
Laura 77 years old   23-01-2014
I love my name
Laura 29 years old   04-09-2015
People confuse it with Lauren pretty often.
Laura   10-01-2017
it is pronounced different in english
Laura 47 years old   09-03-2017
I love my name! I think it's pretty. I like to hear people from other countries say it. I has a beautiful sound in any accent.
Laura 17 years old   30-07-2018
Laura 21 years old   11-03-2019
Got it for my birthday, best gift ever
Laura   31-03-2019
I love my name and it is amazing, but sometimes people think I'm called Nora, Lauren, Aurora and other names! It's pretty rare though. I like that my name is international and it is in lots of languages.
Laura 78 years old   16-05-2019
I was named after my paternal grandmother who died when my father was only 15. I didn't like it as a child. It was like no one elses my age. They called me by my first and middle names until I reached 7th grade. The two names were Laura Lee. I dropped the Lee when I went to high school and not many people knew me. One thing that I really like about the name is that it really has no nickname. It seems that I have kind of grown into the name. Now that I am older, the name has become more popular. I do not like that. My mother told me that she thought I would have a name of my own. I thought that also. As more TV shows with Lauras in them come about, the name becomes more common. Anyway it is a lot better than many of my friends' names. Now I think that it fits me. I like my initials also. They are LLL. I use a lot of monograms and have a vanity plate for my car with just the three letters. I think it has worked out well for me as I have aged. My mom and dad were right after all-- as usual. My grandmother's name was Laura Elizabeth, and I always thought that it was more dignified than mine. My father did not like Elizabeth because he said people would call me Lizzie. My mother says that if she had it all to do over again today, she would choose Laura Lizabeth. That is more like Elizabeth but still gives the LLL initials that I like. Now I like Laura for a name, and I think that it fits me. I wouldn't change it now for the world.
Laura 19 years old   05-06-2019
I just really like how my name is short at easy to remember

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