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Olivia (Given name)

Olivia is a name for girls. The name is a form of Olivier and originates from Biblical. On our website 32 people with the name Olivia rated their name with 4.5 stars(out of 5). So they seem very satisfied! Abroad this is a perfectly fine name. Olivia is in the top1000 of most popular names on facebook on position 391. A nickname for Olivia is "Liv".
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Meaning of Olivia

The meaning of Olivia is: "olive tree".


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Suitable names

Suitable names for a brother of Olivia are: Mees, Tyler, Bennett, Livinus, Ben. Suitable names for a sister of Olivia are: Abigail, Maya, Madeline, Sayre, Julia. View more suitable names.


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Baby girl names with 6 letters250 namesGirl names beginning with O53 namesGirl names ending in A250 namesBaby girl names with four syllables100 namesNames with most votes100 namesEnglish names499 names

Popularity Olivia per year


Olivia 25 years old   31-07-2012
Its really good :) I like being called Liv, and it's a popular name. People don't make fun of me at all so thats the most important thing. It sounds nice as well :D
Olivia 25 years old   31-07-2012
I love it! Being called Olivia is great! A common enough name that still sounds nice, I never get made fun of which is great. Liv is my favourite nickname, I like Livvy as well. Its really good, I would reccomend calling your child Olivia if they're a girl. <3
Olivia 31 years old   20-01-2013
I love my name. It's a name you may hear often, but you don't actually meet a lot of people with the name in real life. It's old fashioned and modern at the same time. And, luckily for me, not a name that has been overused!
Olivia 97 years old   19-04-2013
i dont like my name lol its like a dog name rofl
Olivia 41 years old   26-05-2013
My name is very unique and also very classy
Olivia 25 years old   22-06-2013
I don't like my name, I don't think it sounds right, and also there are way too many people with the same name, like there are six in just my year at school and 30 odd in the school, which is more than the number of people in my class. Idk
Olivia 24 years old   30-12-2013
I love my name! Its a very pretty name and I love my nickname Livi and Liv. A lot of people like my name and I think its very cute!
Olivia 26 years old   15-01-2014
I like my name all my friends call me Liv, Livi, or Livia I usually just go by Liv or Livia
Olivia 20 years old   20-03-2014
No, I would never want to change my name or anything like that
Olivia 24 years old   06-09-2015
People often spell it "Oliva" or try to spell it with an "A"
Olivia 24 years old   07-05-2018
I like it.

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