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Baby girl names with three syllables

#Name Meaning
1 Jenniferfruitful
2 Andreamanlike, manly, brave
3 Mariashapely clean
4 Rebeccawife of Isaac and mother of Jacob
5 Stephaniecrown or wreath
6 KimberlyForest meadow Cyneburg
7 Nataliebirthday
8 AmandaFrom the Latin word amanda, meaning "lovable." Literary; poets and playwrights brought this name into popular usage in the seventeenth century.
9 AnderlineMasculine, brave, strong
10 Maryshapely clean
11 Relindisheer, army
12 MelissaBee
13 Sanjanauniter, creator
14 Barbara"Savage" or "wild"
15 Melanieblack, dark in color
16 PamelaName invented in the 16th century for a heroine of the book 'Arcadia', by Sir Philip Sidney.
17 Marieshapely clean
18 CynthiaFrom Kinthos
19 JuliaPeople of Julus
20 SofiaWisdom
21 ChilesheTrust Worthy
22 MadisonDerived from a surname meaning "son of Maud." Contemporary usage has made the name common for both genders.
23 Catherine
24 Anneriecharming, gracious
25 Iarlhen
26 Christineanointed
27 ArzinaEagle
28 Azenith
29 DianaFrom the Greek goddess of the moon.
30 NatashaChrist
31 BriannaStrong. She ascends. Feminine of Brian.
32 WardinaGuardian or guardian of the heritage, Monitoring, blossom, flowering
33 Jamiehe heel grip
34 DeborahBee. Deborah was the Biblical prophetess who summoned Barak to battle against an army of invaders. After the battle she wrote a victory song which is part of the Book of Judges.
35 Erikaruler of the Law
36 TiffanyAppearance Of God
37 AlisonOf noble birth
38 ValerieStrong; valiant. Feminine of the Roman family clan name Valerius.
39 AlyssaNoble
40 SophiaName (s) of
41 Nosiphomother a gift
42 AnitaGracious, sweet and bitter, sad
43 Brittanycountry
44 Teresawoman working at harvest
45 DawnAurora. The first appearance of daylight; daybreak. Dawn. From the English word dawn.
46 Jennafruitful
47 MonicaVariant of Mona.
48 MadelineDiminutive of Madeleine: Woman of Magdala. Tower.
49 AbigailThe father rejoices
50 BiancaWhite; shining. A variant of the French Blanche.
51 SouhailaStar / moonlight, soft / smooth, Canopus Star
52 SabrinaLegendary princess.
53 Karabo
54 Jetskehomeland, power, ruler
55 CharlotteDiminutive of Charlotte: A feminine form of Charles, meaning man or manly. Alternate meaning, tiny and feminine.
56 AllisonNoble
57 Josephineadded
58 DestinyCertain fortune; fate. The mythological Greek god of fate.
59 Navyanshi
60 EltinaNoble
61 TatianaUnknown
62 Adrianacoming from or resident of Adria
63 TamaraPalm tree. Used as a symbolic oriental name due to the beauty and fruitfulness of the tree.
64 Shivangi
65 AfidaDiminutive of Averill: Fighting swine
66 Naledia star
67 JohannaYahweh is gracious
68 Nilufa
69 CarienClean and pure
70 AdeleNoble
71 Mariamshapely clean
72 Willekewith the will as strong as a helmet
73 Claudialame
74 Brandina(Flaming) sword
75 LydiaA maiden from Lydia, Greece.
76 Manishamarjoram (herb). Also known as Marjoram Herb Sausage or
77 AlexaHelper, defender. variant of Alexander.
78 KatelynPure
79 VanessaButterfly.
80 FranklinaThe Frenchman, Speer
81 DonnaLady
82 RhondaContemporary name attributed to the Welsh origin, meaning "good spear."
83 IsabelGod has sworn
84 CamillaFree-born; noble. Variant of Camilla.
85 Jorindashield of linden wood
86 KarinaClean / pure
87 MelodyMelody (song).
88 DianeWest-Brabant name
89 LisannaGracious, sweet and bitter, sad
90 Melindahoney
91 Nouhaila
92 SabiraPatient
93 GabriellaWoman of God. An Italian form of the Hebrew name Gabriel.
94 GabrielaGod is with us
95 Maftuna
96 BethanyHouse of figs
97 Emeldavariant of Irmhild
98 SaskiaProtector Of Mankind
99 Plamedi
100 AnnabelGracious, sweet and bitter, sad

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