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Name meaning Wendy

Here you find information about the meaning and origin of the name Wendy.
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Meaning:Literary; a created name that first appeared in James Banie's Peter Pan. The name is believed to come from the Welsh name Gwendydd (Gwendith).
Similar sound boys:Wynand, Winand, Wunand, Wynout, Wynt, Wynoudt, Weynand, Wynwode
Similar sound girls:Wanda, Wendi, Windy, Wianda, Winanda, Winetta, Wind, Wende
stars 13 votes
Easy to write: 3/5 stars 2 votes
Easy to remember: 3.5/5 stars 2 votes
Pronunciation: 4/5 stars 2 votes
English pronunciation: 4.5/5 stars 13 votes
Opinion foreigners: 3.5/5 stars 12 votes
Nicknames:Wen, Wolfer, Wends, Winks, Pooh Bear, Win, Eny, Winnie
Names of brothers:Wendy Hart, Anton, Frits, Wynand
Names of sisters:Wendy Hart, Allie, Joys, Suzanne, Cinty, Niamh

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Popularity Wendy per year

(Wendy is used in the Netherlands 16 times as a boys name, and 20589 is a girls name.)


Comments by Wendy

Wendy 2012-09-11
When I was younger I was told my name meant wanderer.
Wendy (62 years old) 2013-02-04
Got teased as a child (coming from the story of Peter Pan)
Wendy (20 years old) 2013-02-11
Everyone pernounces it as 'Windy' like "It's WINDY outside' it gets annoying.
Wendy (33 years old) 2013-10-26
My name is most known for Wendy in Peter Pan the movie.
Wendy (47 years old) 2013-11-28
everyone thinks i was named after the resturant? i tell them i was born first. ya big dumbie.
Wendy (54 years old) 2015-12-15
Born i Holland, no problem with the name there, now i live in Denmark an huge problem with the name. Vindi, windi or wendi, but no "Wendy" comes up. But when i spell the name, they say: Peter Pan, then they remember me. I have no problem with that, my husband is called Piet, looks a bit like Peter

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