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Name meaning Wynand

Here you find information about the meaning and origin of the name Wynand.
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Meaning:Brave in battle
Form of :Wijnand
Similar sound boys:Winand, Wunand, Wynout, Wynt, Wynoudt, Weynand, Wynwode, Wayn Matthew
Similar sound girls:Wendy, Wanda, Wendi, Windy, Wianda, Winanda, Winetta, Wind
stars 18 votes
Easy to write: 3.5/5 stars 14 votes
Easy to remember: 3.5/5 stars 14 votes
Pronunciation: 3.5/5 stars 14 votes
English pronunciation: 2.5/5 stars 18 votes
Opinion foreigners: 3/5 stars 18 votes
Nicknames:Wynie, Wyn, Lappies, Boetie
Names of brothers:Esme Kleinhans, Henno, No, Ryno, Roan, Jacques Philip, Johann-Pierre, Marnus, Malan, Jan, Sander, Chase
Names of sisters:Madelein, Esme Kleinhans, No, Charlene, Engela, Monica, Louise, Jessica, Natasha, Janitha, Stephné, Wendy

+/- 5330 Wynand's on Facebook. Position #9729
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Popularity Wynand per year

(Wynand is used in the Netherlands 142 times as a boys name, and 0 is a girls name.)


Comments by Wynand

Wynand (22 years old) 2015-02-25
I've found it quite hard to find out the meaning of my name, guess I've pretty much succumbed to the idea of having a meaningless name..
Wynand (47 years old) 2016-03-09
few and far apart
Wynand (23 years old) 2017-03-16
Want to know if its german

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