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Laura (Given name)

Laura is a name for girls. The name is a form of Laurentius and originates from Latin-America. On our website 30 people with the name Laura rated their name with 4.5 stars(out of 5). So they seem very satisfied! Abroad this is a perfectly fine name. Laura is in the top 100 of most popular names on facebook on position 43. Nicknames for Laura are Lau, Lala and Laur.
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Meaning of Laura

The meaning of Laura is: "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. Old name with many variants.".


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Suitable names

Suitable names for a brother of Laura are: Max, George, Daniel, Rowan, Colton. Suitable names for a sister of Laura are: Hannah, Christlie, Emma, Sarah, Līva. View more suitable names.


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Laura20 years old   18-11
het is een leuke naam
Laura20 years old   22-12
I love my name because it has a cool meaning and it sounds pretty. The only downfall is tha you cant shorten it. For ex - Danielle, dani
Laura29 years old   2-01
I find the meaning of my name quite disappointing. I thought it meant something more meaningful/significant. I don't quite understand the meaning to be honest.
Laura26 years old   14-11
I love my name! :D
Laura72 years old   23-01
I love my name
Laura24 years old   4-09
People confuse it with Lauren pretty often.
Laura   10-01
it is pronounced different in english
Laura42 years old   9-03
I love my name! I think it's pretty. I like to hear people from other countries say it. I has a beautiful sound in any accent.
Laura12 years old   30-07

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