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Boy names beginning with E

#Name Meaning
1 Ericruler of the Law
2 Evanthe archer
3 Edwinrich friend
4 Erikruler of the Law
5 Edwardwealth, guardian of the property
6 Ericsonson of eric ever kingly
7 Eugènegood
8 ElvisElf-wise friend. Variant of Alvin. Made famous by singer and actor Elvis Presley.
9 ErnestSerious, determined. Earnestness or vigor, from the Old German Ernust.
10 EdgarFortunate and powerful. From the Old English name Eadgar, a compound of 'ead' meaning rich or happy, and 'gar' meaning spear. Famous bearer: 10th-century king Edgar of England; American author Edgar Allen Poe.
11 EuanPossibly a variant of John.
12 ElijahMy God is Jehovah. Variant of Hebrew Elijah
13 EzraHelp
14 EmmanuelGod with us. Also an Old Testament name for the Messiah.
15 EduardoVariant of Edward: Wealthy guardian. From the Old English name Eadweard, meaning rich or happy, and guardian. Famous bearer: King Edward the Elder, son of Alfred the Great; Edward VIII, who abdicated in 1936 to be with the divorced woman he loved.
16 Ehab
17 EthanStrong. Constancy. Famous bearer: Ethan Allen, soldier in the American War of Independence.
18 EnriqueVariant of Enrico: Head of the household.
19 EvaanGod's grace
20 EdmundProsperous
21 EelcoNobility, noble
22 ElliotGod on high; my God is Jehovah. From a surname derived from a medieval abbreviation of the Greek Elias. Variant of Elijah.
23 Eventhe archer
24 EnochDedicated, trained. Famous bearer: The Old Testament father of Methuselah was named Enoch; British politician Enoch Powell.
25 ElieVariant of Eli: God is great.
26 ElmerNoble
27 Emiliusvying contender, follower
28 ErenName of a saint
29 ErlendOf the country noblemsns
30 EstebanCrown
31 EarlNobleman. Based on the English title of Earl. Famous bearer: jazz pianist Earl 'Fatha' Hines;.
32 Esmir
33 Elmin
34 EdsonSon of the fortunate warrior.
35 Eddiewealth, guardian of the property
36 EldridgeOld/wise ruler.
37 EliasYahweh is (my) God
38 EmrysWest-Brabant name
39 Edward Kelley
40 Erhan
41 EmilRival;
42 Enesword
43 Eugene
44 Evaristvariant of Evaristus
45 Edrico
46 EverettStrong
47 EgonStrong with a sword
48 Elling
49 EibhirMythical name
50 Emmagreat great
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Girl names beginning with E

#Name Meaning
1 EmilyEmily is a female name coming from the Roman name Aemilia. This Latin name "Aemilia" comes from the latin word "aemulus" which means "rival".
2 ElizabethGod has sworn
3 Emmagreat great
4 ErinAn ancient and poetic name for Ireland. Famous bearer: Erin from the American television series 'The Waltons'.
5 Erikaruler of the Law
6 EmmerentiaI deserve a whole
7 ElenaShining light, or bright one. A variant of the Greek Helen.
8 EllenA variant of the Greek Helen, meaning shining light, or most beautiful woman. Famous bearer: British actress Dame Ellen Terry.
9 EvelynFrom a surname derived from the Old French 'aveline' meaning hazelnut. Famous bearer: Evelyn Waugh.
10 EverdinaStrong as a bear
11 EvaLife. Living one. Variant of Eve. In the bible Eve was Adam's wife and the first woman.
12 EllaGod has sworn
13 EmmarentiaI deserve a whole
14 EltinaNoble
15 ElaineShining light. An Old French form of Helen.
16 Enniesword
17 EvianneProbably a combination of Eve and Anne.
18 Eileentorch, the radiant
19 EliseGod has sworn
20 EmeranceI deserve a whole
21 EllieDiminutive of Eleanor: A variant of Helen introduced into Britain in 12th century AD by King Henry II's wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine.
22 Emeldavariant of Irmhild
23 EleanorGod is my light
24 ElleOf noble birth
25 Ericaruler of the Law
26 ElizaGod has sworn
27 Esthera star
28 Erieannaprincess of the gods
29 EveLife, living, lively. Famous bearer: the Old Testament mother of the human race who tasted the forbidden fruit, precipitating the Fall of Man.
30 ElvaFriend of the eleven / sylph
31 EmelyRival;
32 EvieDiminutive of Eve: Life, living, lively. Famous bearer: the Old Testament mother of the human race who tasted the forbidden fruit, precipitating the Fall of Man.
33 ElisabethGod has sworn
34 ElisaGod has sworn
35 EmilieGentle, friendly, contestant
36 EmerFast
37 EngelineAngel
38 EdithHappy warfare. Spoils of war. From the Old English name Eadgyth, meaning rich or happy, and war. Famous bearer: 10th-century nun St Edith (Eadgyth); the poet Dame Edith Sitwell. Happy warfare. Spoils of war.
39 ElianaThe
40 Emma Sturbate
41 Elvida
42 Erza
43 ElijahMy God is Jehovah. Variant of Hebrew Elijah
44 Emericagreat, great
45 Elivette
46 ElodieWealthy, Riches
47 ElsieGod has sworn
48 EmerentianaI deserve a whole
49 EvangeliaWell
50 EleonoraGod is my light
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