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Jocelyn (Given name)

Jocelyn is a name for boys. The name is a form of Gautzelin and originates from Latin-America. On our website 57 people with the name Jocelyn rated their name with 4 stars(out of 5). So they seem very satisfied! Unfortunately the name is often written wrong. Abroad this is a perfectly fine name. Jocelyn is in the top1000 of most popular names on facebook on position 588. Nicknames for Jocelyn are Jocey, Josie and Joc.
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Meaning of Jocelyn

The meaning of Jocelyn is: "Medieval male name adopted as a feminine name.".


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Easy to write:2.5
Easy to remember:4
English pronunciation:4.5
Opinion foreigners:4


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Popularity Jocelyn per year


Jocelyn (68 years old) 2014-01-02
My name is very melodic. Fairly easy to pronounce.i know that in the Caribbean many guys have this name as well as in Quebec as well as in France and other countries in which there is a French influence on the population.also in the last fifteen years in the US I've seen an upswing in little girls having my name. Also many people don't make rude comments on my name as the once did.

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