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Baby boy names with 3 letters

#Name Meaning
1 AbuNobility
2 AceUnity; a nickname given to one who excels; also an English surname meaning noble.
3 AdiJewel
4 AhnPeace
5 Ako
6 AliNoble, Sublime
7 AlpBrave
8 AlyOf noble birth
9 AmiSaturday's child. (Ghanaian).
10 AmrLife
11 AnnGrace;
12 AsaPhysician. Asa was the name of an Old Testament king of Judah, and after disuse, the name was revived by 17th century Puritans. Famous bearer: historian Asa Briggs.Healer.
13 Atagift
14 AteAdel / noble
15 AyaSign
16 BasMajestic
17 BazFalcon
18 Benson of happiness
19 BinFrom The Name Bingham
20 Bobbeautifully by fame
21 CorThe horned
22 Cum
23 Dat
24 Daxwater
25 DomDiminutive of Dominick: Lord.
26 DorA home.
27 Duysave
28 EanGod is with us
29 Edu
30 EliHigh, ascended, or 'my God'. Famous bearer: The Old Testament priest Eli cared for the prophet Samuel when Samuel was a child.
31 ElyFamous fighter.
32 EmoSerious.
33 Enesword
34 Eon
35 Fat
36 FoxThe crafty mammal with russet-colored fur
37 GerSpear
38 GilDerived from the name Gilbride
39 Guswho is praised
40 Guywood, forest, forest
41 IanYahweh is gracious
42 IkaAppears in Drenthe and Ost-Friesland
43 IraObservant, heir
44 Ivoarcher
45 JanGod is merciful
46 JayJay
47 JimSupplant. Replace. Variant of Jacob derived from the Latin Jacomus.
48 JobPersecuted. In the Old Testament, Job was remembered for his great patience ('the patience of Job').
49 JoeMay the Lord add
50 JonYahweh is gracious
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Baby girl names with 3 letters

#Name Meaning
1 AceUnity; a nickname given to one who excels; also an English surname meaning noble.
2 Adaadornment, beauty
3 AjaTo Drive, Propel
4 AliNoble, Sublime
5 Alx
6 AmaChild born on a Saturday.
7 AmeEagle
8 AmyDearly loved; Beloved. From the Old French Amee, which derives from the Latin amatus meaning loved. In common use after publication of American Louisa May Alcott's 'Little Women'.
9 AnaGrace; favor. Variant of Anna. Often used in blended names like Analee and Anarosa.
10 AneElegance.
11 AniVery Beautiful
12 AnnGrace;
13 Asi
14 AudDiminutive of Audrey: Originally a diminutive of Etheidreda from the 16th century. Famous bearer: Famous 20th century actress Audrey Hepburn.
15 Avaa variation on the medieval names Avis and Aveline
16 AyaSign
17 AzaComfort, convenience
18 Benson of happiness
19 BevFrom The Beaver Stream
20 Bobbeautifully by fame
21 Chiyouthful, young at heart
22 DeaGod-given
23 EdaWealthy guardian
24 ElaNobility, noble
25 ElsGod has sworn
26 EmiBlessing, Favour, Beautiful
27 Enaclean or pure
28 Eni
29 EvaLife. Living one. Variant of Eve. In the bible Eve was Adam's wife and the first woman.
30 EveLife, living, lively. Famous bearer: the Old Testament mother of the human race who tasted the forbidden fruit, precipitating the Fall of Man.
31 EwaLife.
32 FayFaith, trust
33 GiaGod is gracious. Variant of Jane.
34 IdaOf noble birth
35 Inaclean or pure
36 IraObservant, heir
37 Irmgorgeous, shiny, radiant
38 IvaA climbing evergreen ornamental plant.
39 IvyFaithfulness. This name is derived from the plant name.
40 JanGod is merciful
41 JipGiving, hospitable
42 JisFrisian name. From IESE.
43 Joa
44 JoyJoy. Rejoicing.
45 Kalstrong
46 Kaykeyholder
47 KimYahweh focuses on
48 Koo
49 LanOrchid.
50 Lealion
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