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Name meaning Richa

Here you find information about the meaning and origin of the name Richa.
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Meaning:Powerful, brave ruler
Form of :Rik
Similar sound boys:Rick, Ross, Rex, Ricky, Rocco, Rocky, Rikki, Rik
Similar sound girls:Rose, Raisa, Rosa, Rocio, Rika, Rosie, Ros, Ruchi
stars 53 votes
Easy to write: 4/5 stars 37 votes
Easy to remember: 4.5/5 stars 36 votes
Pronunciation: 4/5 stars 36 votes
English pronunciation: 4/5 stars 48 votes
Opinion foreigners: 4/5 stars 48 votes
Nicknames:Richu, Richee, Ritz, Rich, Raichu, Richie Rich, Chaari, Kittu
Names of brothers:Anushka, Rohan, Parth, Dhairya, No, Deepesh, Sai, Aarav, Eklavya, Rohit
Names of sisters:Anushka, No, Rachna, Kayra, Ananya, Anvi

+/- 50815 Richa's on Facebook. Position #1631
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Popularity Richa per year

(Richa is used in the Netherlands 5 times as a boys name, and 20 is a girls name.)


Comments by Richa

Richa (16 years old) 2016-10-04
I love my name vry mch coz itz given me by my mother
N itz pronouncation is cool short in writing
N osm name
So i love ma name a lot# RICHA
Richa (24 years old) 2017-01-16
I love my name alot as it is rare. I would never change my name.

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