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Name meaning Kyleigh

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Meaning:Feminine of Kyle.
Form of :Kaylee
Similar sound boys:Kelsey, Klaes, Klaas, Kilwich, Klaus, Klaois, Khalish, Kailash
Similar sound girls:Klaske, Klaasje, Klaaske, Kaleigh, Kelsie, Kelsy, Kyllikki, Keyleigh
stars 3 votes
Easy to write: 2/5 stars 2 votes
Easy to remember: 2.5/5 stars 2 votes
Pronunciation: 2.5/5 stars 2 votes
English pronunciation: 4/5 stars 2 votes
Opinion foreigners: 3/5 stars 2 votes
Nicknames:Ky, Kyky, Kyle
Names of brothers:Paul, Cameron
Names of sisters:Tiana

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Categories:English names - Names beginning with K - Girl names beginning with K

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Comments by Kyleigh

Kyleigh (19 years old) 2015-03-18
I like it, but people often call me "Kayleigh" which really bothers me because i don't have an a in any of my names. I've also gotten "Keyleigh" and other variations. I don'y know why people get the "leigh" part right but screw up "ky". It's kind of annoying but I like the original spelling, it just makes finding my name on keychains, decorations, etc. hard/

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