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Gia Hân

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Similar sound boys:Gianno, Gene, Gino, Gian, Gianni, Gagan, Gökhan, Gion
Similar sound girls:Gina, Gwen, Ginny, Gemma, Gesina, Gianna, Gezina, Gen
stars 11 votes
Easy to write: 4/5 stars 11 votes
Easy to remember: 4/5 stars 11 votes
Pronunciation: 3.5/5 stars 11 votes
English pronunciation: 3/5 stars 11 votes
Opinion foreigners: 3.5/5 stars 11 votes
Nicknames:Hanny Bunny, Zia, Alisa (English), Han, Cathy, Hanie, My
Names of brothers:Jake, Alex, Hoài Nam, Gia An, Tan Dat (James), Gia Hào, Anthony
Names of sisters:Kate, Beth, Gia Ngan, Gia Hy, Gia Hiêng, Laila

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Comments by Gia Hân

Gia Hân (6 years old) 2014-12-01
My father is and Australian and my mother is Vietnamese
My Vietnamese name is Gia Han and my Australian name to Angelina
Gia Hân (16 years old) 2016-01-12
People refer to me at Alisa if they are English speakers but if they can speak Vietnamese they call me Gia Han. Not too fond of the meaning.

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