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Name meaning Gauke

Here you find information about the meaning and origin of the name Gauke.
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Meaning:occupant of a shire, region
Form of :Gauwe
Similar sound boys:Guy, G, Gia, Gage, Gus, Ge, Geo, Gijs
Similar sound girls:Geeske, Geke, Guusje, Gizia, Geesje, Gigi, Gi, Gaye
stars 6 votes
Easy to write: 4.5/5 stars 2 votes
Easy to remember: 3.5/5 stars 2 votes
Pronunciation: 3.5/5 stars 2 votes
English pronunciation: 2.5/5 stars 5 votes
Opinion foreigners: 3/5 stars 5 votes
Nicknames:Jayan, Douglas
Names of brothers:No, Rgj2Fnsrtj, Ej999Rvofozz, I8Cdosrrd, 62Vocv5Uhp, Evert, Klaas, Wiebe, Roelof, Ji3Clpg64Go6
Names of sisters:No, F857Leb0L, Rkacxuefj, X1Ooc93E5Zmu, Sz8Dvff8Tuc, Jacobs, Aaltje, Geertje, Weitske, Skd4Uregie

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Popularity Gauke per year

(Gauke is used in the Netherlands 275 times as a boys name, and 0 is a girls name.)


Comments by Gauke

Gauke (74 years old) 2017-05-03
What would be the meaning of my name and what would my name be equivalent to in Canada
Gauke 2017-05-20
It was that damn hat. Bello is one of the sexiest actresses around. But at times they left that attribute on the curb. Made her out to be part woman part Mickey Rourke. Stories were good great group of actors but back to that hatodo-med.Hope they can see to it give it another reboot. And for Christ Sake hold the camera still for a little while during the 52 minutes. BETTHEDUCK

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