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Denise (Given name)

Denise is a name for girls. The name is a form of Dennis and originates from English. On our website 15 people with the name Denise rated their name with 4 stars(out of 5). So they seem very satisfied! Sometimes people write the name wrong. Abroad this is a perfectly fine name. Denise is in the top1000 of most popular names on facebook on position 155. Nicknames for Denise are Dee, Deni and Niecy.
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Meaning of Denise

The meaning of Denise is: "fertility".


15 people with the name Denise voted on their name. Please vote on your name too.
Easy to write:3.5
Easy to remember:4.5
English pronunciation:5
Opinion foreigners:4.5

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Suitable names for a brother of Denise are: Daniel, Kevin, Richard, Steven, Jay. Suitable names for a sister of Denise are: Caroline, Gerbrecht, Stalina, Jessica, Jennifer. View more suitable names.


Denise occurs in the following categories:
Difficult to pronounce girl names in EnglishNames with 6 lettersGirl names beginning with DNames with two syllablesEnglish names

Popularity Denise per year


Denise (55 years old) 2012-08-12
I hate my namewith a passion! My nickname now I Love! Its DeDe, and its spelled with two Capital D's and two small E's. Everyone has their own way of spelling it but I correct everyone if they spell it wrong. I totally hate the name my Mother gave me! Its ugly and doesn't suit me. DeDe now does, and what gets me is my Mother named me Denise but no one in my Family calls me that they call me DeDe. So why did she name me Denise???
She should of named me DeDe. If it didn't cost money to change it I would have years ago.
Denise (15 years old) 2017-10-19
Beautiful Woman

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