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Name meaning Carly

Here you find information about the meaning and origin of the name Carly.
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Meaning:Feminine form of Carl: Variant of the Germanic form of Charles, meaning: a man.
Form of :Karel
Similar sound boys:Carl, Charlie, Cyriel, Cyril, Carlo, Carroll, Carlie, Cirillo
Similar sound girls:Carla, Carol, Cheryl, Coral, Carole, Charley, Coralie, Caralie
stars 25 votes
Easy to write: 4/5 stars 13 votes
Easy to remember: 4/5 stars 13 votes
Pronunciation: 4.5/5 stars 13 votes
English pronunciation: 4.5/5 stars 22 votes
Opinion foreigners: 4.5/5 stars 22 votes
Nicknames:Carl, Car, Carla, Carlos, Carls, Car Car
Names of brothers:King-K.rool, Alexander, Rtyosztcvpy, Colton
Names of sisters:Sydney, Jamie, Lindsay, Wurimidrfr, Lindsey

+/- 154265 Carly's on Facebook. Position #649
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Popularity Carly per year

(Carly is used in the Netherlands 21 times as a boys name, and 304 is a girls name.)


Comments by Carly

Carly (22 years old) 2013-01-12
It is a decent name it is beginning to become more popular which I kinda don't like. I like having a name that isn't really popular but is still a normal name
Carly (21 years old) 2014-02-17
I like my name mostly because it isn't super common, but I hate how EVERYONE spells it wrong. On my starbucks drinks, sports trophies, yearbooks- everything, people spell it "Carley," even after that dumb tv show. Future parents, please spell your daughter's name C-A-R-L-Y, the right way!

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