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Name meaning Adrianus

Here you find information about the meaning and origin of the name Adrianus.
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Meaning:dull black, dark
Variants:Aarigje, Aarjan, Aarjen, Ad, Adje, Adri, Adria, Adriaan, Adriaantje, Adriaen, Adriaentje, Adrian, Adriane, Adrianius, Adrianne, Adriantje, Adrie, Adrieaantje, Adriek, Adriette, Adry, Ares, Arga, Aria, Ariaan, Ariaantje, Ariaentje, Arian, Ariana, Ariane, Arianke, Arianne, Arie, Arieaantje, Arieke, Arielle, Arien, Arieta, Ariëtte, Arijaantje, Arina, Aris, Arita, Aritha, Arius, Arja, Arjaan, Arjaantje, Arjan, Arjanne, Arjanneke, Arjantje, Arjanus, Arjen, Arjenne, Arjens, Arjentsje, Arjette, Arjoane, Arriaantje, Arrianne, Ary, Arya, Aryaantje, Aryan, Erjan, Erjen, Erris, Hadriaan, Hadrian, Hadriane, Harianus, Jaas, Janie, Jok, Naan, Ot, Raan, Riaan, Sjanie
Similar sound boys:Adrianius, Adrianes, Adreanus
Similar sound girls:Adrianis, Adronica
stars 29 votes
Easy to write: 4.5/5 stars 8 votes
Easy to remember: 5/5 stars 8 votes
Pronunciation: 4.5/5 stars 8 votes
English pronunciation: 3.5/5 stars 27 votes
Opinion foreigners: 4/5 stars 26 votes
Nicknames:No data
Names of brothers:No data
Names of sisters:No data

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Popularity Adrianus per year

(Adrianus is used in the Netherlands 80581 times as a boys name, and 5 is a girls name.)


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