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Larry (Given name)

Larry is a name for boys. The name is a form of Laurentius and originates from Latin-America. On our website 14 people with the name Larry rated their name with 3.5 stars(out of 5). So they seem pretty satisfied. In other countries people can pronounce the name just fine, though expect weird reactions. Larry is in the top1000 of most popular names on facebook on position 134. A nickname for Larry is "Lar".
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Meaning of Larry

The meaning of Larry is: "the award-winning".


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Larry occurs in the following categories:
Baby boy names with 5 letters250 namesBoy names beginning with L121 namesBoy names ending in Y202 namesBaby boy names with two syllables100 namesBoy names with most votes100 namesTop 1000 Facebook names1000 names

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Larry 73 years old   10-01-2013
Never liked it
Larry 62 years old   14-01-2013
Never really cared for it. Doesn't seem to convey strength or stability, such as the names Steve(n), Mark, James, David, or Richard.
Larry 72 years old   26-04-2013
It's an OK name but I think it kind of dates me.
Larry 65 years old   14-06-2013
Not a very common name. I was born Lawrence
Larry 31 years old   2-07-2013
Love my name assholes and yes it is popular and if you were born Lawrence then same meaning dummies!
Larry 30 years old   25-05-2017
happy as Larry

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