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Kirk (Given name)

Kirk is a name for boys. The origin of the name is Scandinavian. On our website 10 people with the name Kirk rated their name with 4.5 stars(out of 5). So they seem very satisfied! Abroad this is a perfectly fine name. Kirk is in the top1000 of most popular names on facebook on position 721.
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Meaning of Kirk

The meaning of Kirk is: "From the church.".


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Baby boy names with 4 letters248 namesBoy names beginning with K163 namesBoy names ending in K93 namesBaby boy names with one syllable100 namesPopular English boy names250 names

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Kirk 50 years old   5-08-2012
When someone finds out my name, I'm instantly referred to as Captain Kirk from Star Trek When someone here's my name for the first time they think that I am Kurt.
When someone from another country says my name, it sounds funny.
When I was in elementary school some kids called me Kirk The Jerk.
Kirk 61 years old   30-05-2013
Don't know where the supposed scandivian orgian comes from but believe it to be incorrect. To the best of my understanding the name was and always has been Scottish in origin. It's an old family name from Clan Kirk in Cumberland

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